Scott we have seen a significant increase in internet based calls and emails.  I believe your efforts have been well worth it.  Most clients that contact us found us on the internet.  We have landed some pretty good accounts because of this.  One account was Bohme clothing company.  So far this summer they have spent over $10,000 in signage frothier stores and by the end of the year it will be around $40,000.  They found us on the web and most our communication has been Email.  I have not even met the client in person.  Thanks for your efforts and let's make sure we keep going strong with our SEO.


Destry Crump



Certified Fire partnered up with  Ravensiege six months ago to put together a Web Site for our company. They were very professional and did what they said they would and when they said they would do it. Since then our business has grown in a market we have only begun to tap. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for some professional help.

Dustin Moser
Certified Fire Protection, Inc.





"We have been very grateful for everything Ravensiege has done for our website and the for the amount of customers that are able to find us because of it. The amount of phone calls we receive has increased vastly. The work they performed was beneficial and has become a wonderful asset to our company! I highly recommend their services to all business owners!"

Camille Cornaby



"I decided to use Ravensiege for website design and SEO work when I noticed the work that had been done for one of my accounting clients.  Scott did a great job designing a completely new website for my company that was very professional and delivered it on time and within budget as promised."

Mike Eggleston
Small Business Accounting & Tax LLC





Ravensiege has been a valuable part of reaching out to the otherwise difficult to reach customers. The website has helped with portrayal of our products that allow potential customers to make initial choices and narrow down from many to a few or one, something that would be much more difficult without Ravensiege and its products.I suggest that if you are looking for a designer who works hard and goes the extra mile for your web related requirements that you seriously consider Ravensiege.

Dan Davis


When I contacted Ravensiege to re-engineer my web site they worked with me every step of the way to design and optimize my first website. They listened to my needs, understood my desires of what I was going for. They were  wonderfully patient with my inexperience, and delivered what I needed in a professional and timely manner. As a result I get regular compliments on my website and, more importantly, customers are finding me! I will continue to rely on their expertise and thoughtful support. I also refer my friends and business associates. Thanks so much, Ravensiege, Hooah."

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